Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I broke it

Seriously? I eff u cee kayed up!! (stole that spelling from a blog I just read recently :D )

My poor digital camera!! It is in about 500 pieces at the bottom of the garbage can.

We 5 went kayaking yesterday at a lake about 30 west of here. DH and I were loading the double kayak onto the van and I put the camera on the edge of his truck bumper to give me a free hand. got it, I left it there and when I realized where I had left it we were at home unloading!

I flew back out there and found it on the road outside of the parking lot..runneth over :'(

The good news? 127 pics were still salvaged on the removable memory card, along with 3 rechargeable batteries!! phewwww...not all was lost.

I was lost today without a camera. I was out at a different lake with the kids and thought I was going to go into withdrawl shakes and cold sweats. It was beautiful and all the kids had so much fun...i wanted to capture it on film forever!

Silver lining...I get to go shopping for a new camera!


Ryan said...
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Mendy said...

It's great you didn't loose your pics. That would have been my biggest concern for sure. Shopping time!

scott keeps running said...

may your camera rest in peace/pieces. :(

Anonymous said...

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