Monday, April 14, 2008

work,work and work

I seriously have 3 jobs right now! WTH?

I have been trying to get a new job with more pay but that is proving to be harder then I thought after being out of work to raise 3 boys for 13 years...Nothing on paper. I finally got a new lead and applied and was successful!

Wait? I have to quit a job at customer service....but first I was offered up a job to clean a forestry company office when I can fit it in...finally,today I quit my job! Ha!

It was kinda emotional as they gave me a hand up and trained me for lots of positions in the 18 months I was there...but the HR manager was totally understanding of my reasons and offered me up a wonderful reference if I ever needed on. She also told me I was a valuable employee and they are loosing a great employee. I was flattered, but knew I was a great employee ;) I always work hard.

Anyways, it has been a really stressful week. Hubby surprised me by setting up sitters for the kids and took me out for dinner Saturday night after work.

I have been skipping, walking at night and just outside more, but no running this week. I am on the countdown to the end of this job..and excited for new beginnings.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Jumpin rope

So I pulled out my jump rope after a long while.

I injured my wrist about a year ago and was given physio and exercises at home, but the healing took months and months. With work it seemed to irritate it and I kept smacking it so it re-injured a few jumping rope and rippin on my wrist...well, I hung that rope up for some months.

The weather is getting nicer now, the snow is actually melting and I can rake, so we have been out learning to ride bikes without training wheels, chalk hop scotch and jump rope!

I kick ass! HA..not really, but it was fun! The kids were amazed that I could jump like a boxer :p Even my 13y/o and his buddies wanted to see if they could do it as well as I could. Nothing like healthy competition.

I did rip at my wrist once(steppin on the rope) and I felt a twinge..but that was it.

I will time myself for a 5 min session tonight.

DS#1 and I are going for a run this afternoon while ds#2 goes with Daddy to an international soccer game. #3 will get to ride in the running stroller my friend lets me borrow (I don't use one enough to bother buying and she only keeps it for when her sister comes in town).

5km with stroller(damn that is hard work) 27.18min

Friday, April 4, 2008

Still suffering


Those gels seats are calling my name...or a new bike :P

Hoppin on the treadmill tonight as Hubby is on night shifts, son #1 is at movies with buddies and #2 and #3 are in bed sound asleep.

I will update with numbers when I'm done.

Updating .....35min on dreadmill.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fight gas goughing!

Ride your bike to work! HA...I thought it was a good idea until I got on the bike to get home! OUCHIE! Those seats are not nice to the anatomy :-/

It took me 18min and 40 second to get to work..and I didn't even bother to time the way home...there were 2 hills to go up and frankly after working 8 hours on my feet I was wondering why I was not walking the bike.

It made me rethink stealing hubby's Kona...mine is a $200 special with rusted out bolts :p

Got it done and didn't have to pay $4.88 a gallon/$1.295 a litre.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Back to blogging

I have been running 2-3 times a week and found myself wanting to blog again. It keeps me accountable...instead of just on the fridge!

I dropped kidlets off at school (1,2 and 3) and headed out for a SNOWY..yes FREEKING SNOW!! Excuse me but is this a horrible, mean spirited April Fool's day joke? Cause I dont get it :-/ I seriously just raked my grass yesterday...albiet I'm the only one on the street without snowbanks...but that is besides the point :p I spent a lot of hours out there shovelling snow OFF my yard !!

Anyways, I put in 5.4km in 35min. The snow was blinding I had to concentrate on watching my feet , otherwise I would have just run right into traffic. It was not a nice light rain either...sideways folks, SIDEWAYS!


Got it done though... I'm off for a warm shower and then to pick up one kidlet.

Here is my route...downtown...I have not run in that heavily trafficed (is that a word) area before.

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