Monday, January 26, 2009


While reading links on Caren's blog [s]I stumbled across another blog and can't remember who! So if it is you please be gentle, I'll give you credit if I can find you :D [/s] I found

with a great idea!

Valentines day...Teachers...Gifts!

I find the never ending list of gift giving occasions to be overwhelming with 3 kids in school now. YES, I still make cupcakes and take them to highschool. What teacher doesn't like a sweet :D I just don't let it be known to my oldest son! HAHA!

Anyways, while stumbling across the blog, I found the cutest and CHEAPEST gift! TOTALLY usable too.

Behold, modifyied hand sanitizer Photobucket

This weekend I also found a gift for me, ok for my table in the fall, but who can turn down a fabulous deal?

This was $1.84! Seriously! Regular $24.99 It is arched but you can't really tell by the picture I took.

While I have a few pictures going here I am going to share what I made for my youngest sons birthday this last week! My baby is 5, I can't believe how the time has flown by...but he is a blast, adorable and well just a cutie pie.

And here is the birthday his full glory :D

Sunday, January 18, 2009


The skiing is going well...but today I can't lift my legs to much! HA!

My girl friend, who is doing the Iceman in a few weeks, dragged my sorry butt with her to do the cross country loop twice!

It was beautiful, we went at night, so there was NO ONE around! He had our headlamps on which helped soo much. We wouldn't have been able to do it without them for sure.

Dead quiet, with the exception of my squeeky right boot, and prestine snow!

15km later my thighs were screaming at me to stop. There was a few uphills, but they were long . Herringbone up those required a few muscles I have not used in a while ;)

I'm coaxing the kids into learning how, it is a tough one to teach when your on skiis too :D