Sunday, April 6, 2008

Jumpin rope

So I pulled out my jump rope after a long while.

I injured my wrist about a year ago and was given physio and exercises at home, but the healing took months and months. With work it seemed to irritate it and I kept smacking it so it re-injured a few jumping rope and rippin on my wrist...well, I hung that rope up for some months.

The weather is getting nicer now, the snow is actually melting and I can rake, so we have been out learning to ride bikes without training wheels, chalk hop scotch and jump rope!

I kick ass! HA..not really, but it was fun! The kids were amazed that I could jump like a boxer :p Even my 13y/o and his buddies wanted to see if they could do it as well as I could. Nothing like healthy competition.

I did rip at my wrist once(steppin on the rope) and I felt a twinge..but that was it.

I will time myself for a 5 min session tonight.

DS#1 and I are going for a run this afternoon while ds#2 goes with Daddy to an international soccer game. #3 will get to ride in the running stroller my friend lets me borrow (I don't use one enough to bother buying and she only keeps it for when her sister comes in town).

5km with stroller(damn that is hard work) 27.18min


Anonymous said...

9-minute miles is GREAT when you're pushing a stroller with a 4-year old! You're doing good Nik! Jump rope like a boxer, eh? I don't really care too much for the rope - it doesn't get along well with my tatas! ;D

Mendy said...

Woo Hoo, Nikki! LOVE the new blog look. Pink and black! super cool!

I'm so uncoordinated and clumsy, that I'd fall over if I jumped rope. But, not too long ago after Marcy talked about her timed one, I bought one. I still haven't used it. After reading about yours, I need to get that thing out and at least try it. I doubt I could do it for 5 min at all.

Glad to see you back and be careful with that wrist!

David said...

Drinking scotch and riding bikes? Oh wait, nevermind. That's what Mendy and I do.

Glad I found you again! And it's great that you've been keeping at it through the bleak Canadian "off season"!!