Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bigger boys, bigger toys!

Over the last few hours I have been in bin heaven and found that the youngest sons room is about 1/2 way done.

Big trucks? Not a clue. I have put them into three big Rubbermaid containers but alas, they are still overflowing :-/

So far I have bins for
Ninja turtles and accessories
CARS (the movie) stuff
plastic food
toy pots'n'pans
mini cars and tracks
Spider man Lego
Pirates of the Caribbean Lego
army men
hand tools (plastic)
plastic animals (how did we get so many???)
Big bin for Duplos sets

I have picked old fashion Lego pieces out of every drawer, corner of the room and crevasse you can imagine.

These all found homes yesterday:
Play dough
pencil crayons
glue, scissor, rulers, erasers (school supplies)
learning books
coloring books
Pokemon cards

I have cleaned out (a.k.a. garbaged) most of the papers from school last year (2 kiddos worth)

ALL this and I'm still not done even one childs room! No wonder I was feeling like it was a mess here.

We have always kept the books in track/order and the puzzles/games have had their own spots together. So there is hope they can stay organized.

I have sat down with the two youngest and explained (told) them that they can take a bin to play with the contents but I would like the contents put back in said bin(with labels to show what goes in there) before playing with others toys.

Here's to a more productive weekend! Oh and to Walmart carrying enough bins to get it all done :p


Jenn said...

Geez! Sounds like my house! LOL Trust me, WM has enough bins for EVERYONE!!!!!!