Thursday, February 5, 2009

NO rhyme or reason

I don't have a theme here, is that odd?

I mean I know I'm odd, but is that strange to blog about nothing and no rythme or normalcy??

I need to just commit to getting on here and making a conscious effort to keep typing stuff out.

Soo..i'm going to and blog about anything. I have tried to make it about running but well that sucks as you can tell. I will just blog!

Today was a very busy day, I volunteer in #2's classroom on Thursdays while #3 is at preschool. I had the added task of getting #1 to the hospital to see his plastic surgeon.

I was relieved to have her tell us that he is healing normally!! YIPPEEEE Although he will not be back to his normal skin, I so happy to hear her tell us that it was fluid/water build up and not keloids :D The purple color is because of EXTRA blood flow and means it is not done healing. The texture, waxiness, is an issue but should lessen. If for some reason it doesn't lesson, there will be cortisone shots. He will be asleep for that as it is painful. This is all not going to happen for a long time, 6 months to a year from now.

In the meantime, he is getting measured ASAP for new compression stockings. He has grown taller and they are a major PITA! They dig into his scars and fall down while he sleeps or walks long distances(to school everyday). The decision to go with a boxer short type stocking is what we thought is a good plan. The itch factor is still major and the plastic surgeon says it is normal but he will get a script for some meds that wont make him drowsy, like the benadryl is doing to him.

The process to order them seems to take a long time. They do come from Pheonix, Arizona and are sooo expensive. Oh well, it has to be done. I hope they arrive sooner then they did the last ones(8 weeks).

In other news, DH has just been panelled for a big job! It was a job that he was asked to do but they still have to do all the loops/jumps/redtape stuff to get him there. It is stressfull on him and he is soo nervous. When all is said and done, he will no longer work shift work! Night shifts have been part of our lives for 15 years! NO MORE!!! WOOHOOO! He will be home for dinner EVERY night and have weekends off :D The kids are soo excited for the new life, so to speak.

Anyways (yes I say that a lot), I am committing to more entries and more often. I can't promise they will be about running, or excercise for that matter, but I will not be pictureless posting anymore ;) I do love to have visuals!

Have a wonderful Friday!


scott keeps running said...
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scott keeps running said...

let's try this again:...

glad #1 is healing and glad dh is off night shift! i've worked a couple years of night shift but not 15. wow. :)

hey, it worked this time. i'm smart!

J~Mom said...

I love hearing from you so I am looking forward to more updates!